— Specialised Cleaning Services —


Vortex Cleaning boasts a diverse range of machinery and expertise in all areas of cleaning, making us equipped to handle even the largest and most complex jobs with ease. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of the cleaning industry sets us apart and allows us to successfully tackle projects that other companies may not be equipped to handle. 

Hypodermic Needle Clean Up

Hypodermic Needle Clean Up

We provide reliable, efficient and safe hypodermic needle clean-up services to ensure your property is left in a secure and safe condition. Our team of experts are equipped with the necessary knowledge, tools and experience to handle any situation involving hypodermic needles. Let us take care of the hazardous work, while you enjoy peace of mind.

Fire Damage Restoration

Proper and prompt cleaning of fire-damaged properties can determine the success of restoration efforts. Vortex Cleaning utilises professional tools and a skilled team to ensure that your property is back in operation as soon as possible, by providing effective and efficient fire damage cleaning services. 

Fire Damage Clean Up

Body Fluid Clean Up

Body fluid clean-up situations can be emotionally challenging and require a professional and compassionate approach. Vortex Cleaning offers safe removal of biohazard waste, leaving the area thoroughly cleaned and sanitised once our team has finished the job. 

Undiscovered Deaths 

It is a challenging reality that sometimes, a death may go unnoticed for a period of time. In such situations, our team is committed to handling the matter with the utmost discretion, efficiency, and professionalism, to ensure a respectful outcome for all involved. 

Undiscovered Deaths clean up
ULV & Thermal Fogging

ULV & Thermal Fogging

Our ultra-low volume fogger provides a highly effective solution for eliminating viruses and bacteria. With its ability to produce extremely small particles, the ULV fogger ensures an even dispersal of the antimicrobial, effectively destroying a wide range of viruses such as H1N1, MRSA, Hep A/B/C, HIV, and C. difficile. 

Odour Removal

Long after their source, odours can persist in a building, embedding themselves in upholstery and hidden cavities. To eliminate these lingering smells, Vortex Cleaning employs professional equipment and highly trained personnel to provide a lasting solution to your odour problems. 

Odour Removal


In light of recent events, the significance of maintaining clean and disinfected spaces has become increasingly clear. Our cleaning teams can work in partnership with you to sanitize your premises, ensuring that every surface is free of biohazards for a safer and healthier environment. 

Hospital and Theatre Cleaning

Vortex Cleaning is dedicated to providing efficient and professional support to local hospital trusts. We work closely with these organisations to ensure that any cleaning or support needs are met in a timely and effective manner.

Theatre Cleans and Hospital Cleaning

Flood Restoration 

Floods can be devastating, but Vortex Cleaning is here to help. Our certified professionals handle all types of flood clean-up. From removing water to restoring damage, we provide full-service solutions. With experience and technology, we minimise damage and return your property to pre-flood condition.  

Clean Room Cleaning

Clean rooms must maintain their level of cleanliness, which is why Vortex Cleaning takes extra care to ensure that every surface is thoroughly cleaned and free of dirt and dust. Our commitment to maintaining the cleanliness of these facilities is unwavering. 

Clean Room Cleaning